About us

producing rear view mirrors
since 1965

Our products are a result of aesthetic and product studies which, thanks to years of experience, have acquired a high level of both harmony and functionality.

Born as a company dealing with spare parts, over the years we have structured ourselves to serve the first equipment while retaining the streamlined nature typical of a small company which is organized to:

guarantee an optimum level of logistic production services

respond to the technical / qualitative needs of the O.E. customer

build a valid partnership in the industrialization of new products

Company profile


rear view mirrors sold in 2022


€ turnover


part numbers

Turnover to O.E. customers0%
Turnover to foreign customers0%

The factory

5900 square meters of factory in 3 production facilities


The company has achieved the certifications in compliance with the standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015